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NES Classic
Dec 10
Published by Ryan Cave In Retro No Comments

December 9, 2016 I arrived at Best Buy forty minutes before it opened. As I approached the store I was astounded that a sizeable line had formed. I knew people were excited about Nintendo’s newest toy, but hadn’t anticipated that so many fans would be this devoted. Ahead of me stood a row of adults [...]

Nintendo 64
Jan 15
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Last summer I saved an N64 from an unwarranted death sentence. Its previous owner, with his newborn in his arms, was about to drop the console in the recycling bin. “Are you throwing that out?… Can I have it?” I asked. I could see the dilemma in his eyes. He was throwing away part of [...]

Nov 09
Published by Ryan Cave In Retro, Xbox 360 No Comments

Assassin’s Creed was one of the first major new franchises for the now “last gen” consoles. I was always curious about it, but somehow never got around to actually playing it. Now, seven years after its debut and several sequels later I’ve finally decided to give the franchise a try. Because I love a sale [...]

Perfect Dark
Nov 18
Published by Ryan Cave In Retro 12 Comments

Perfect Dark follows the journey of Joanna Dark, a secret agent in the vein of Bond. Like Bond. she uses her intellect in conjunction with a plethora of weapons and gadgets to get the job done. In Perfect Dark her mission is to save the President… until it’s not. I didn’t play Perfect Dark in [...]

Ducktales Remastered title
Oct 18
Published by Ryan Cave In Retro No Comments

When I was a kid one of my favourite shows was DuckTales. After school everyday I would excitedly rush home so I could catch as much of The Disney Afternoon as I could. That programming block contained some of my all time most beloved cartoons such as Rescue Rangers, Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck and the [...]

rad raygun
Jul 12

With sweet chip tunes and an amusing tongue-in-cheek presentation Rad Raygun offers a nostalgic albeit brief adventure presented the cream-spinach coloured palette of the original GameBoy. Rad Raygun’s visuals are both hideous and beautiful.  Nostalgia fuels the fun here as the game looks and plays like it came out decades ago. Initially this makes it [...]

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