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CoD Black Ops 3
Feb 26
Published by Ryan Cave In Xbox One No Comments

Apparently most people never finish or even play the campaign modes in Call of Duty games. While I admit I often don’t finish them I never skip them entirely. I’ve always seen the campaign in games such as this to be the foundation of the world that the game creates. An example of this would [...]

Rise of the Tomb Raider
Feb 11
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Tomb Raider is one of my favorite franchises and the reboot in 2013 brought it back to life and gave it a new identity. Previously Lara Croft was always somewhat undefined, but now we see what intense horrors and incredible discoveries forged her into the adventurer she has become. Rise of the Tomb Raider seeks [...]

Mega Man Legacy Logo
Jan 29
Published by Ryan Cave In Xbox One No Comments

I’ve loved Mega Man for as long as I can remember. The insane challenge of the series has always appealed to me. I have an ancient memory of a childhood party where we all took turns desperately trying to survive Mega Man 2. I think that was the moment that the franchise forever took hold [...]

Nintendo 64
Jan 15
Published by Ryan Cave In Retro No Comments

Last summer I saved an N64 from an unwarranted death sentence. Its previous owner, with his newborn in his arms, was about to drop the console in the recycling bin. “Are you throwing that out?… Can I have it?” I asked. I could see the dilemma in his eyes. He was throwing away part of [...]

Mario Maker Logo
Jan 08
Published by Ryan Cave In Wii U No Comments

I have often debated whether Super Mario World or Super Mario Bros 3 is the superior game. I don’t think a year has passed since the release of Mario World that I haven’t played through each of them. For certain they are two of my favorite games and widely considered among the greatest games of [...]

Media Remote vertical
Jul 28
Published by Ryan Cave In Xbox One No Comments

Sometimes I don’t feel like yelling at my Xbox One. Sometimes I just want to pause a movie the old fashioned way. At launch there were two ways to control the Xbox One: with your voice or with the controller. Both have their place, but neither is always ideal when it comes to some of [...]

Forza Horizon presents Fast & Furious
Apr 16
Published by Ryan Cave In Xbox One No Comments

I got excited when a new Fast & Furious movie was  announced. I got excited when a new Forza Horizon was announced. I got very excited when a game combining both of these wild franchises was announced. Not only were two great franchises coming together, but the game would be free (for a limited time). [...]

Nov 29
Published by Ryan Cave In Xbox One No Comments

Microsoft, as a reward for my being an “early adopter” on Xbox One, gave me a code for a free copy of Limbo. Limbo originally came out back in 2010 on the Xbox 360 and I loved it. It’s a game I have often considered replaying, but since it’s primarily a puzzle game I wasn’t [...]

Nov 09
Published by Ryan Cave In Retro, Xbox 360 No Comments

Assassin’s Creed was one of the first major new franchises for the now “last gen” consoles. I was always curious about it, but somehow never got around to actually playing it. Now, seven years after its debut and several sequels later I’ve finally decided to give the franchise a try. Because I love a sale [...]

Aug 21
Published by Ryan Cave In Xbox 360 No Comments

I held off playing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons because I knew it wasn’t a long game and I wanted to play through it in one sitting. At long last I managed to put aside some time for it and I’m truly glad I did. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is exactly that: [...]

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